Your Media Diet

In this week’s Unedited (here if you missed it), I wrote about how dissatisfied I am with the state of media. My at-home newsstand has shrunk down to the NYTimes Magazine and Styles section…and I do like Goop and a few different substacks I subscribe to. You can see my list here.

What do YOU read? Please comment below.

I’ve gotten a shit ton of email from readers of this newsletter wanting to meet IRL/Zoom for out of NYC-ers. I will send out an organizing email for the new year. In the interim, if you’re interested in getting together with other like-minded media girls to plan a coup…or just laugh and connect 🤪please reply to this email and I will put you on the list. I’m kinda excited!

Love you, my sister. Heading to Egypt tomorrow! 😅

xo atoosa