My Breast WardrobeListen now (10 min) | How I finally learned to treat my girls with the respect they deserve.
I Got Pushed Way Out Of My Comfort ZoneListen now (8 min) | Here's what happened...
My Secret AbortionListen now | This week's Roe v. Wade news hit me in a tender spot.
I Want Your Roe v Wade OpinionHey, Emotional week for many as news of the leak has sunk in. Would love your most nuanced thoughts as I’m gathering mine. On any angle of this …
How I Finally Found JoyListen now | Wanted to share the text of my TEDx talk with you.
My Tainted LoveListen now | How my 26-year relationship was both heaven, hell...and necessary for my growth.
My Tales Of A Corporate Call GirlListen now | How pure do we need our content to be? Let's discuss.
My TEDx Talk Sneak PeekWatch now (29 sec) | This video will play before I speak.
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