Trigger Warning 🤮Listen now (15 min) | You may want to barf in my face over the layers of privilege in this letter. But maybe emotional waste management shouldn't be considered a privilege.
Atoosa from Seventeen is DeadListen now (12 min) | So what's next for the girl who remains?
X-rated Momma ban?A Florida mom is suing her children’s school district because they are not allowing her to volunteer at the school (she had been doing so for 5 …
Weight Lost, Self Found.Listen now (11 min) | My body was talking to me...and I finally learned to listen.
A Surprising RevelationListen now (8 min) | I'm kind of cringing but I COULD have called this Atoosa Edited...
How To Hook 🎣 A Commitment-PhobeListen now (7 min) | By Me...The Commitment-Phobe 😬
Prepare for F-WordsListen now (11 min) | But I know this F-Bomb will change your life for the better.
2 Steps To Feeling PeacefulListen now (7 min) | I used to have shame about taking care of myself. Not anymore.
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