Atoosa Unedited

When your life gets bat sh*t crazy, I can help. The podcast of Atoosa Unedited newsletters!

F*@k New Year's Resolutions! AUDIOListen now (8 min) | I'm trying something that feels kinda baller, tbh.
Thank You For Breaking My Heart - AUDIOListen now (11 min) | It only took me 49 years to appreciate this busted open feeling!
We've Gotta F*#cking Fix The Media Biz AUDIOListen now (9 min) | Momma needs some good curated content. It's up to you, sis. This is your moment.
What Gaining 60 Pounds Taught Me AUDIOListen now | When I gained weight and let my hair go grey, instead of freaking out, I got curious.
When I First Left My Husband - AUDIOListen now (11 min) | A lesson it took me two decades and a Bear to learn.
The Moment I Stopped Being A Victim AUDIOListen now (16 min) | A kinda horrible experience that showed me what I'm made of.
My Secret Weapon for SuccessListen now (10 min) | At the height of my dorkdom, I had this one thing going for me. And speaking of which, I may actually be at the height of my…
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